This article gives a run-down on the steps of becoming a member of the staff and potentially becoming an admin of the Summer Pockets wiki. You can see the list of Summer Pockets staff members here: Administration

Moderators and Admins need to note that being inactive for over 30 days, without giving any notice of a hiatus, will result in their Moderator/Admin privileges being revoked.

How to Become a Moderator

Moderators are trusted members on the wiki who understand and follow the Rules & Guidelines on the wiki and help to enforce them. There are three kinds of moderators.

To become a Content Moderator, you need to have a Bureaucrat assign you, but to become a Discussions or Chat Moderator, you need to have at least an Admin assign you.

Most Admins begin as Moderators. The steps to become a Moderator are as follows:

  • You must follow the Rules & Guidelines.
  • You need to actively contribute to the wiki. While it's not required to contribute everyday, it's preferred for you to be a regular visitor of the wiki and tend to any issues there may be, whether it's adding information to an article or making any needed adjustments to other user's contributions. To become apart of the staff, you need to be willing to contribute your time to the wiki.
  • One must act in a mature and professional manner.
  • Do not ask for privileges, these requests will be ignored. Current admins that oversee the wiki will take notice of each user's contribution and will assign rights based on the above.

How to Become an Admin

Administrators (Admins) are trusted users who are granted special privileges by a Bureaucrat.

Moderators who have dedicated themselves to the wiki and follow the wiki's Rules & Guidelines to the utmost of their abilities and actively assist the other users can potentially be granted adminship.